About Flat Panda

Welcome to Flat Panda Crafts. 

Why "Flat Panda"? Well...just cuz. And we own a tri-colored corgi who looks like a flattened panda bear when she's REALLY tired. So, in honor of Brennan the loud corgi, Flat Panda Crafts was born.

Focusing around Lakewood, Colorado and surrounding environs, we offer turned wood craft products such as bowls, candlesticks, cups, and even wands and spinning tops for the kids (and by "kids", we mean ages 3 to 90-whatever).


Upcoming projects include:

  • Wooden Beer Steins (Here's looking at you, Chris K.!)
  • Wine Bottle & Glass Displays (One bottle and two glasses)
  • Boxes of various types
  • And More!