Latest Craft Show Results, Orders, and FB Likes - Oh My!

So we got back from a craft show last weekend at Just Rustic. The show was...okay. But there were other nice benefits. 

This was the first time we got to set up the ABCCanopy vendor tent. While we didn't put up all the sides and door, we did put one wall up and that kept the BRUTALLY hot sun off of us. 

Bailey's Corner joined us and we managed to sell several of their birdhouse boots. 

But I was fangirling a little bit at the fact that Jason Anderson - of Forged in Fire Champion fame - was there and selling some of his wares. While I couldn't afford the GORGEOUS Viking seax, I did manage to score a nice marking/utility knife. But more will be mine. Oh yes...more will be.



In other news, more bowls have been set up on the site - in fact, a few of you already ordered some of the newer ones. Those should be be handed to UPS either later today (8/28) or early tomorrow. 

There are still a few bowls of African Mahogany, and new ones of Beetle Kill Pine. 

We've also started making "Viking" camp chairs. They're also known as stargazer chairs, or simply camp chairs. They break apart to two pieces, totally about 3.5" in thickness. Surprisingly comfortable, and actually NOT a pain to get out of (unlike Andirock chairs). They're not yet on the site, as I need to make two or three more examples to show the options. 

And lastly, we also finally have the wine displays up on the site. So far, we have a few made from Ash and Purple Heart. But they generated a good deal of interest at the show. 



- Ryan