Knoble Yarn Fest and Estes Park Wool Market

With We Knit Colorado 2019 in the rear view mirror, we need to focus on the next set of shows. 

We're already confirmed for Knoble Yarn Fest in Greeley, CO. That's coming up in February. I think several of our loyal pandas will be there. But we're also hoping to meet new knitters, crocheters, and families!


But now's also a time for praying...nay, BEGGING...for good juju. As of about 20 minutes ago, we just submitted for potentially our biggest vendor opportunity yet: Estes Park Wool Market. Like many shows, they give preference to prior vendors, which Flat Panda is not. However, there's always that chance. Let's see if we can make this happen. 


(Does anybody know any of the Estes Park staff, and what sort of bribes might work? :P )